VMRO-DPMNE: The sooner Filipche resigns, the more lives will be saved


The opposition VMRO-DPMNE in a statement Sunday demanded that Health Minister Venko Filipce resigns from his position. The sooner he resigns, they say, the more lives will be saved.

Venko Filipche for his incompetence and the catastrophic epidemiological situation in Macedonia is constantly trying to look for culprits in another, but not in himself.

The people are not to blame for the fact that this mafia government spent its time in crime, corruption and pre-election bribery.

They had 8 months to prepare for the second wave or at least to stabilize the epidemiological picture in the country. Now that it is facing its own and the government’s failure, when the health system collapses, it brazenly blames the citizens.

Unfortunately, as he makes excuses each day, people die from the virus and hospitals are filled with hundreds of new patients on a daily basis.

If there is at least a little virtue left, Venko Filipche and the entire Commission for Infectious Diseases should resign irrevocably, at least from a moral act. The coronavirus crisis should be fought by experts, not party and political followers of Zaev, the party said in a statement.

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