Manchevski retires from politics, returns to the private sector


Dear friends, let me inform you that I have made a decision to retire from politics and dedicate myself again to my profession Former minister of information society and administration and SDSM MP Damjan Manchevski said Tuesday via Facebook.

““I will again commit to my profession through the private sector, which cannot be tied to any political engagement. As a result, I have also resigned from the posts of SDSM vice president and Central Broad member. I entered politics professionally when it was most difficult, in 2015. We overthrew the regime in a peaceful way, the country is a member of NATO, the way to EU membership is open, we have restored freedom and democracy, wages are rising… It was not easy. We survived a lot together. But today, North Macedonia is on the right track and even better times are coming,” Manchevski wrote.

“After the victory and a new term. However, I decided to return to my profession and the private sector. I am entering a new struggle. It is time for new challenges. This decision of mine has nothing to do with any situation in politics. It is a personal decision and only mine. I had an excellent offer for the next political engagement, for which I am immensely grateful, but I still decided on this step. This decision is at the same time quite emotional for me,” wrote Manchevski

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