Opposition conditionsits support for the budget review on the amendments


VMRO-DPMNE MP Timcho Mucunski said that regarding the new proposed measures to help the economy affected by the coronary crisis, i.e. those draft-legal solutions when they come before the MPs they will seriously analyze them, will consult with serious top experts in the field of medicine within the VMRO-DPMNE parliamentary group and will do everything in the best interest of the citizens in order to face the problem and the coronavirus.

“I would note that many of the measures taken in the period of the state of emergency were also passed through decrees with legal force, which means that the government at that time used the powers arising from the state of emergency to make provisions with legal force now because “We no longer have a state of emergency, those competencies, those competencies are returned to where they belong in the Parliament”, stressed Mucunski.

Regarding the new budget review, Mucunski said that the opposition has submitted about 170 amendments which are related to proposed amendments for more funds for Infectious Diseases departments throughout Macedonia and the Infectious Diseases department in Skopje, as amendments related to reducing air pollution.

Mucunski added that the opposition conditioned its support for the bill on the acceptance or non-acceptance of the amendments.

“The draft law on amendments to the budget law, i.e. the so-called budget review is provided with such a majority as needed. So the opposition should condition its support on the acceptance or non-acceptance of the amendments,” Mucunski said.

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