No progress between Macedonian and Bulgarian historians on the dispute over Goce Delchev


An agreement has been reached in the field of textbooks, but there is still much to be done to reach a substantial agreement, and historians from Macedonia and Bulgaria failed to find a joint solution for the joint commemoration of Goce Delchev, said the co-chair of the Macedonian-Bulgarian Commission Dragi Gjorgjiev at a joint press conference in Skopje with Bulgarian counterpart Angel Dimitrov.

After two days of talks of the commission, Gjorgjiev said that he hopes that in the future more concrete negotiations can be reached. The Bulgarian historian and former Bulgarian Ambassador to Macedonia Angel Dimitrov said that negotiations are being conducted by politicians and that a scientific discussion on history is now taking place.

There will be another meeting of the Commission by the end of the year, Dimitrov announced, because there are many more elements to be discussed. Dimitrov also said that a step forward has been made regarding the celebration of May 24, the Day of Cyril and Methodius, Slavic Educators and Enlighteners, a holiday that Bulgaria recently called Bulgarian.


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