Arsovski: It is hypocritical to just remove Dimova from the position without an investigation


The manner in which grants were handed out in the National Agency led by Lidija Dimova is extremely dubious.

For more than ten days we have been asking from the agency to release the ranking lists of projects from the ERASMUS + program, but director Lidija Dimova hid them, said VMRO-DPMNE Dimche Arsovski at Wednesday’s press conference.

“Today we can see through the media that one of the projects assigned to the hairdressing salon VEZ Trade was awarded in a suspicious way, it was not in the top three, so the previous ones were rejected, and the hairdressing project was later accepted by the evaluation commission. What is suspicious here? The first two ranked projects were rejected, and the next one that was approved is the third project of the brother of the SDSM MP Dime Velkovski, the project known to the public as ‘Choose cheese’, worth over 125,000 euros, which we talked about in our previous press conferences,” says Arsovski.

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