Opposition leader warns that Macedonia is facing a national catastrophe


Instead of arguing with the opposition and looking for culprits for their own incompetence, proposing laws without measures to protect against COVID-19, covering up the catastrophe with the contagion, rolling up their sleeves and letting the system work, which is currently rotten to its core,” said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski.

“If they had a gram of responsibility, there would be resignations, instead of promises of a better tomorrow that never comes. They are not present at insignificant press conferences today, the Prime Minister will not even tell us that they have defeated the disease that is defeating today, nor will Karadzovski tell us that everything is under control, because nothing is under control. And it is not only the infected, but also the high percentage of deaths which shows serious weaknesses in our healthcare.

“Macedonia is facing a national catastrophe, and the only thing more dangerous than this is the incompetence of the mafia anchored in the government,” Mickoski said.

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