Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle observed under special conditions due to the pandemic


The Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle Under, Friday October 23,was observed under special conditions due to the coronavirus pandemic in Macedonia.

On October 23, 1893, when the historical revolutionary organization VMRO was formedin Thessaloniki, and whose name until 2017 was included in the name of the holiday, the state leadership sent its congratulations on this special occasion.

On this day we remember the founders of the Macedonian revolutionary movement, who were guided by the ideals and principles of justice, ahead of their time in this region, says President Stevo Pendarovski in the congratulating note on October 23-Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle.

The President says these were the ideals for a free Macedonian republic founded on democratic principles, promoting coexistence among different ethnic, religious and linguistic communities.

Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi congratulated Friday the Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle-October 23, saying it marks the dawn of the revolutionary organization that led to the Ilinden Uprising.

“This holiday reminds us on all brave and difficult decisions that are part of the state building efforts and sacrifice of great people with vision and big heart. Contemporary history has put us into temptations on our way to meeting the strategic objectives and the aspiration of the citizens of North Macedonia for a modern, stable, successful country that ensures a quality life and well-being of its people, who are active participants in the positive changes,” says Speaker Xhaferi.

“Today we observe October 23-Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle, proudly remembering the Macedonian revolutionaries to whom we bow and honor their sacrifice, steely perseverance and unbreakable will for freedom, justice, equality, independence and statehood,” says Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.He adds the struggle of the Macedonian revolutionaries never looked towards the past but the future.

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