Former PM Georgievski: Despite the “deep state” in Macedonia, we want normal relations with Bulgaria


Despite the ‘deep state’ in Macedonia, we want GoceDelcev to unites our countries, former Prime Minister Ljubcho Georgievski said in an interview with BGNES during his visit to Sofia.He says that many people foster hate and hostility towards Bulgaria, including politicians, professors, journalists, etc.

“‘Deep state’ in Macedonia disrupts normal relations between the two countries, fosters hate and hostility towards Bulgaria, including professors, journalists, employees in national security services, who in fact are not all Macedonians,” said Georgievski.

According to him, the Yugoslav historiography acknowledged that the Macedonian nation was the youngest in the Balkans, and that, as he says, Nikola Gruevski dealt a heavy blow to antiquity.

“We should acknowledge the merits of Zoran Zaev because of his desire for friendship with Bulgaria. Zaev and Boyko Borissov should find a solution that will move towards a historical approach,” Georgievski said.

Former Prime Minister and leader of VMRO-Narodna Ljubco Georgievski met Thursday with Bulgaria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zakharieva.

“My team and I had a fruitful meeting today with our friend from the Republic of Macedonia and its Prime Minister (1998-2002) Lubco Georgievski,” Zakharieva wrote on social media.

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