Leading Infectious diseases specialist thinks that PCR tests for coronavirus are a big mistake


Velo Markovski ,the leading Infectious disease specialist in Macedonia and one of the most prominent in the region, believes that the PCR tests required to travel to another country are a big mistake and that serological tests should be performed.

“Even in the previous epidemics of SARS 1 and Mercy, the WHO demanded that both methods be used, i.e. not only PCR technology without serological tests. PCR is being challenged because that test is not for such mass use,” said the infectious diseases expert.

Markovski explained how to distinguish the coronavirus from the common flu.

“Science should differentiate them, but not only in our country, but in almost countries where there is no strong infectious diseases clinic, and people who are most specialized in upper respiratory infections are not included. The biggest problem now will be the flu and the common cold. Adenoviruses are first on the list, followed by rhinoviruses, and coronaviruses are fourth on the list. Over 200 rhinoviruses cause a common cold. It is normal to have 3-4 epidemics of rhinoviruses and adenoviruses during the season. The rhinovirus, for instance, does not causea fever and does not require absence from work,” Markovski said.

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