Mickoski: We need a Macedonian national unity; we are too few to be divided


Very important, I repeat very important is to achieve Macedonian national unity. Let’s not divide because we are both displaced and divided in this way. We must show unity on key national issues, we must have red lines we will defend shoulder to shoulder. No good will come from having us humiliated, even to those who will cash in on the humiliation. Their children will live in an assimilated and humiliated country, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski during his remarks on the national holiday dedicated to the founding of the VMRO national liberation organization.

“VMRO is alive, VMRO is tenacity, legacy, obligation, duty and respect. VMRO is our strength but also our weakness. VMRO are the Ilinden fighters, the partisans. VMRO is the sweat of farmers, the voice of youth, the will of athletes, the hope of a united Europe. If VMRO is the icon we believe in, then Macedonia is the temple, the home of that icon. As long as VMRO is the flame, Macedonia is alive. I wish you a happy Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle,” said Mickoski.


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