Commission, not the politicians, will offer most sustainable solution to the problem with Bulgaria


The joint North Macedonia-Bulgaria commission on historical and educational issues is set to hold a meeting before December, thus compensating for the time lost because of the elections and the pandemic, says Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani.

According to him, the commission is a tool for settlement of the problem with Bulgaria and the outcome is the most sustainable solution.

“In theory, politicians can reach a solution but the question is how sustainable this solution is, because it would always be seen from a political context, now based on academic perceptions, thus vulnerable to challenges. Therefore, I believe that the most sustainable and solid solutions would be the ones adopted by historians, without the influence of politicians. I would like to see these issues solved and taken away from the political discourse. That is why the first intergovernmental conference is so important for me, because it can serve as crossover from a Balkan political discourse of historical issues, identity issues, borders etc. to proper functioning of society, reforms, environment, rule of law,” says Osmani.

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