Where did 1/3 of the Macedonian budget disappear?


Venko Filipche, your theatrical performances that your public relations team is preparing for you are no longer valid, wrote VMRO-DPMNE’s Gordana Dimitrieska-Kochoska on Facebook.

“I’m asking you as a university professor, are you not ashamed of such behavior? Every day you have hundreds of new cases, you have deaths, and you hide your incompetence behind the opposition? Well of course, you were surprised by the snow in January. A responsible manager always has several scenarios when he wants to reach his goal. What is your goal? To save the people, or to fill up your pockets?

I wrote to you the other day that MY SIGNATURE WAS NOT MANDATORY. I also asked why Nina did not sign the loan before the elections?

And now I ask you what you did to the 1.1 billion euros that I signed for the coronavirus crisis. Where did 1/3 of the Macedonian budget disappear? Do you know how much money that is and are you aware of how incompetent you are?

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