COVID-19 autumn wave is not snow in May for Filipche to be taken by surprise


The reactions and activities of the Commission for Protection against Infectious Diseases and Venko Filipche are delayed and reckless. The government proposes measures that VMRO-DPMNE pointed out should be taken in March, when the pandemic began. Then the government did not listen and now we see the consequences of their ignorant attitude, reads the statement released by VMRO-DPMNE.

“Filipche claimed that 2000 people would get sick during this entire pandemic, now that number of people gets sick in just one week. And when he saw that everything he undertook did not yield results, he began to implement what VMRO-DPMNE had said, but with a 7-month delay. The rotation of the staff of the infectious departments from all health institutions is a measure that should have been done in March, in addition to the public health should be made available to all young doctors and retirees, also the government should have used the summer period to increase hospital facilities. But none of that has been done,” the party points out.

They say that COVID-19 autumn wave is not snow in May for Filipche to be taken by surprise.

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