Zaev: No need for new agreement with Bulgaria,the existing one is excellent


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said Sunday there is no need for a new agreement with Bulgaria, because “the existing one is excellent”.

In clarifying his recent statement that settlement of the problem with Bulgaria requires proper tools and ways such as a public statement, declaration, annex to agreement, Zaev said it should note that name Republic of North Macedonia “refers to the territory of our country and that we do not have territorial aspirations towards anyone.”

“There is no need for a new agreement, both North Macedonia and Bulgaria agree on this. We have an excellent agreement that we need to continue to implement. The joint commission is working on one part while the other is related to enhancing friendship, good-neighborliness and cooperation. We have no problems with an oral statement, a written declaration or something similar, as applied by international diplomacy, that Republic of North Macedonia, the country’s long name, and North Macedonia, the country’s short name, relate to the territory of our country and nothing more, and that we have no territorial aspirations to any neighbor or anyone else in the world,” Zaev told reporters after the SDSM digital Congress.

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