Wearing masks outdoors has no effect


I am completely disappointed and confused, I have no explanation. I see that the citizens demanding spraying disinfectant on the streets hundreds of times, there is no virologist who will say that this virus is spread by street dust. There is no chance that the virus will spread like that. However, it affects the people, pointed out Nikola Panovski on the “Shto ne e jasno” show on Alfa TV where he commented on the decision to wear face masks outdoors.

Panovski adds that those who respected the measures so far will suffer even more with this measure. The measure of wearing masks outside has no effect. This measure can make the citizens gather indoors which will lead to increased infections, it is obvious from the very beginning that the measure will have a counter effect.

“The measure for wearing masks outdoors will not have an effect, it will only further confuse the citizens,” stressed Panovski.

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