First contingent of Macedonian peacekeepers in KFOR leaves for Kosovo


The first Macedonian contingent of 44 army members left for Kosovo on Sunday, to take part in the KFOR Command and Regional Command West, the Ministry of Defense said in a press release.

By taking part in the KFOR mission in Kosovo, it added, Macedonia is taking its place in NATO as a country that means peace, security and stability in the Balkans.

According to announcements from the Ministry of Defense, the participation of Army members in the KFOR mission in Kosovo will continue to grow during 2021.

“In the next rotation, the plan is to increase the number of army members in the KFOR mission to over 60, and starting next summer together with our longstanding partner – the U.S. Vermont National Guard, outside the established rotations the contribution over a period of 9 months will increase with over 100 army members. About 180 members of the Army of North Macedonia will participate in the KFOR mission as of next summer,” the Ministry of Defense said.

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