Karakachanov: Bulgaria will not make concessions to Macedonia


Someone in Skopje is fantasizing that Bulgaria will make concessions based on brotherly feelings and solidarity,” Bulgarian Defense Minister and VMRO Bulgarian National Movement leader Krasimir Karakachanov told BTV Bulgarian television. “They also think someone will put pressure on Bulgaria from the outside. But this will not happen.”

Karakachanov said it was inconceivable the Bulgarian Parliament would vote for making concessions and surrendering Bulgaria’s position.

“We’ll see what happens next week. The choice to be in the EU is up to them. They won’t become members of the EU by pounding the table, Comintern-style,” Karakachanov said.

According to him, the Friendship Treaty between Bulgaria and North Macedonia was “good enough, but only if it were honored.”

“A year after it was signed, it’s not being honored anymore,” Karakachanov said. He added that signing the agreement was a prerequisite for the country to join NATO, and honoring it was a prerequisite for the country to join the EU.

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