Opposition demands free COVID-19 testing of textile, healthcare and education workers


It is obvious that this no longer a joke!,VMRO-DPMNE’s Nikola Micevski wrote on Facebook.

“The numbers that are growing uncontrollably with each day in Macedonia are astonishing and frightening, and the government and Minister Filipche are silent, they assure us that everything is under control and they act as if nothing is happening. Over 32 thousand infected so far, over 1000 new cases per day and unfortunately, over 1000 dead so far from COVID-19. The inability and lack of concept and idea of ​​this government how to prevent the spread of this dangerous virus, led Macedonia to be a BLACK EXAMPLE AND A RECORD HOLDER in Europe for newly infected and deceased persons as a result of COVID-19.
For these reasons, we offer a quick solution and WE DEMAND: free testing of textile, healthcare and education workers and release of chronically ill people from work.


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