Grandfather of the Vienna terrorist: What can we do? He has done it to himself


Terrorist Kujtim Fejzulai, who killed four people in central Vienna on Monday, often visited the small mountain village of Chelopek in western Macedonia, Kujtim’s grandfather told Klan Makedonija.

The family of the 20-year-old terrorist, who was killed by Austrian police after he roamed the streets of Vienna, lived in the village of Chelopek before moving to Austria in 2000.

The killer’s grandfather told Klan Makedonija that he had not had contact with the family for six months. He added that Kujtim visited Macedonia with his family every year.

“Every year he came with his family. He usually came to the apartment of his mother and father, but he also had his own apartment. Well, now no one knows what he was doing there in his apartment. What can we do? He has done it to himself,” the grandfather told Klan Makedonija.

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