Zaev deliberately makes a fool of himself with statements like “delivery casinos” to divert attention from crime, accuses opposition


With the powerful propaganda machinery made by the government, they make people forget. We saw how the head of the HIF puts money in a bag and is not held accountable, the government protected him. MP Zeqiri resigned from his post so that he could become the director of the HIF and the public deserves an answer why another was proposed, because the Ministry of Health and the HIF are the two pillars that will either solve the crisis or paint families in black, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski.

“Zaev talks about everything and all of it is different, there is no consistency to what he says. I watch it on a national television. And yesterday he said that there were delivery casinos. Zaev deliberately makes a fool of himself with statements about casino deliveries so that he could divert attention from the crime and two thousand dead from coronavirus,” said Nikoloski.


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