Macedonian Foreign Minister says the negotiating framework requires unanimous consent by all 27 member-states


Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani pointed out that the negotiating framework is adopted by consensus of the 27 EU member-states, which means that any of those member states, regarding any issue, if they do not agree with the text, cannot approve and thus not pass.

He assures that the Bulgarian side presents it as a blockade or veto, i.e. the citizens understand it that way because that is exactly what it is – disapproval of the text of the Negotiating Framework.

“Talks are held throughout this period with all 27 member states that add various amendments to the text, request the withdrawal of a word, a sentence and all this is managed by the German presidency which communicates with all member states and how member states react to the text. The German presidency offers compromise solutions, with the negotiating framework finally being accepted by the country to which it refers. That means that a framework that is not acceptable to us cannot be approved and hence the need, in this period until the publication of the framework, to hold consultations with our country, but also the member states among themselves regarding the final text that should be approved by the General Affairs Council,” Osmani said.

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