Economic Chamber President: Businesses seek quick and decisive solutions, not discussions


Not discussions, but quick and decisive solutions based on realistic estimates, is what the business needs at the moment. Let’s put aside all the nonsense arguments, forget about the fruitless discussions about history and change the destructive expressions “I know everything”, “who is he to tell me”, “I said a long time ago”, which will only contribute to pay a high price in the crisis, said President of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia Branko Azeski in Monday’s message to the business community.

The President of the Chamber announces a conference on the position of the agro-food sector on Wednesday, after, as he reminds, the one already held for tourism and hospitality.

Therefore, businesses demand solutions, not discussions, and it requires much more participation in making those decisions than ever before. We, as their representatives, will do everything to make it possible, says Azeski.

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