Arsovski: The government should reveal what the non-paper made in Berlin contains


This underestimation of the intelligence of the citizens, which is currently served to them by the SDSM Government, is shameful, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Dimche Arsovski emphasized at Tuesday’s press conference.

“Zoran Zaev, Dimitrov and Pendarovski have been silent for a whole week over whether and what they agreed in Berlin. Foreign media and journalists are already reporting that Zaev, Pendarovski and Dimitrov agreed on a non-paper in Berlin, and here in the Republic of Macedonia the whole Government is silent and literally does not inform the public about anything. SDSM and the whole entourage around Zaev are trying again in the most insidious way to fool the citizens and bring them before a final act in these negotiations. What has been agreed and what have they accepted and what is written in that non-paper that the Government made? Does Zaev intend to announce what kind of non-paper it is, and when he will tell the citizens and the media what it contains, Arsovski asked.

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