Bulgarian professor: Should Macedonians go to the square and shout out “Delchev is a Bulgarian”?


We are making up some ridiculous reasons for blocking the Macedonian membership due to the ambitions of Krasimir Karakachanov. Besides, we are now doing the dirty work of some Western European countries that do not want further EU enlargement,” said Professor of cultural anthropology at Sofia University Ivaylo Dichev in an interview with Radio Focus.

“A window has opened, a historic chance, and what is happening? We make up some ridiculous reasons to block this membership. Funny, because they are mainly related to the political ambitions of Mr. Karakachanov, who sees that his voters are declining, and again finds some history with which he should become important, to be in the center of attention. I personally, as well as Macedonians and Europeans, do not understand what exactly we are asking from North Macedonia,” Dichev said.


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