Ethnocide is happening to the Macedonian people because of Zaev’s government


MP Ivanka Vasilevska from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE pointed out that due to Zaev’s government, ethnocide against the Macedonian people is happening today, during her interview with Alfa TV.

“What happened with the Prespa Agreement, all the directing before the signing of the agreement, during the referendum and then in the parliament, indicate that we as a system are very weakened. Because you do not need a public prosecutor whom the Prime Minister calls up for lunch and gives him a job or some money to assess whether a crime has been committed somewhere and to act on it, he is paid for that,” said Vasilevska.

Vasilevska added that what is essentially happening now with the acts not only endangers the foundations of the Macedonian statehood but also ethnocide against the Macedonian people.

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