Arsovski: Did Zaev promise state shares to Bulgarian businessmen for support in the EU?


The key policies of Zaev and SDSM with which they lied to the people in the Republic of Macedonia have been exposed, said Dimche Arsovski from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE during Saturday’s press briefing.

They promised life for all and EU accession. There is no life for all, nor are we entering the EU in the near future. One should be objective and admit that the culprit for the veto is Zoran Zaev who promised a date at home, and promised Bulgaria history, people, a minority that will be defined by the Bulgarian state. All this hits the wall. There is no life for everyone because SDSM stole everything they could and everything that could be stolen, while we do not enter the EU for several reasons.

He therefore asks the questions: What concessions does Zoran Zaev have to the Bulgarian Government and individuals from there, who today are one of the obstacles to the EU integration of the Republic of Macedonia? Are these business concessions? What invoices will the citizens have to pay for Zoran Zaev’s charlatanry?

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