Panovski asks: Where do so many prescriptions for antibiotics come from, and only Sumamed and Pancef?


Professor Dr. Nikola Panovski alerted a few days ago that antibiotics are abused in Macedonia and that they are not appropriate therapy for the coronavirus, but are still prescribed.

Today, he shares the alarming numbers of antibiotics prescribed during October and November and asks where so many prescriptions come from and why those antibiotics, when there are twenty more.

HIF data for October 2020, azithromycin tablets 500mg (Sumamed) 42000 prescriptions, cefixime tablet.400mg (Pancef) 13500, for 17 days in November 44500 prescriptions for Sumamed and 14500 prescriptions for Pancef. In that period there are 30,000 new cases of COVID-19, and prescribed 86500 +28,000 prescriptions. It is estimated that by the end of the year, 200,000 prescriptions Sumamed and 60,000 prescriptions Pancef will be realized more than 2019. If we have 100,000 SARS-kov-2 positive, if 15,000 (15%) of them have some complications, maybe bacterial infections, of which 260,000 prescriptions even for 15,000 patients and why those antibiotics, when there are about twenty others???, asks Panovski.

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