Taravari: With these numbers, we will have herd immunity by January


Arben Taravari of the Alliance for Albanians and Mayor of Gostivar in an interview with TV24 said that in Gostivar the situation is with 500 active and 70 deaths and no vacancies in the infectious ward. He also added that the capacity of the general hospital is being prepared and that there is a lack of masks and hygienic material.

“We do not have a magic wand with which this number can be stopped. These figures give the impression that herd immunity will be gained by the end of January. The death toll is high and precaution should be taken,” Taravari said.

He emphasized that in addition to patients infected with COVID-19, there are other patients who have nowhere to get treatment. According to Taravari, the crisis situation should have been brought earlier, and as he added, with such numbers, a curfew should be seriously considered.

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