Osmani: We don’t need a new treaty with Bulgaria, there are ways to restore it


 Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani told a press conference that in the coming period attempts should be made to restore trust in the Friendship Treaty signed by N. Macedonia and Bulgaria.

Osmani said Bulgaria is not disputing the right to language and identity, but has open issues about history.

“The Republic of Bulgaria has been clear in saying it doesn’t dispute identity-related issues, and we’ve never had a clearer position from Bulgaria that it doesn’t dispute the identity and language of the citizens living in the Republic of North Macedonia. I believe it is a solid foundation to upgrade the overall trust between our two countries,” said Osmani.

Osmani said that he expected a solution to be found, citing the French obstacle as an example.

“France has not said negotiations should not continue. On the contrary, then the negotiations continued and I think we should follow that approach now,” Osmani said.

Osmani said that if the country is vetoed in December, then there is no plan B but we will have to continue on the same track.

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