Miloshoski: Zaev crossed all the red lines that the people can endure!


Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Policy Antonio Miloshoski did not start the session on Thursday because, as he said, it was time for a protest, not a session.

“To protect the victim of statehood and freedom of Kocho Racin, Nexhat Agoli, Estreja Ovadija Mara, Stiv Naumov, Liman Kaba, Metodija Andonov Chento from an unstable politician! We should go out to protest and tell Zaev to stop. That there is more dignity in the country than he has an interest in selling off state, national and traditionally acquired wealth.

I think that Zaev has crossed all the red lines that the people can bear. I think that we should put an end to this humiliation. That is why I will not start this session for the Foreign Policy Committee and I call on all of you together with the citizens to join the protest tonight and to justify the honor and the victims of the Macedonians and the Albanians, the Jews, the Turks and all the others who passed for the creation of this country, and to say stop to this man who acts as an unbalanced politician and sells the interests of Macedonia only for his short-term political goals,” Miloshoski stressed.

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