836 COVID-19 patients treated at the Infectious Diseases departments


In the past 24 hours in the COVID centers in the hospitals in Macedonia, it has been reported that a total of 836 patients positive and suspected of coronavirus are being treated, the Ministry of Health informed on Thursday, assuring that there are still available hospital beds.

According to the reports of the hospitals that arrive at the Ministry of Health on a daily basis, 65 patients positive and suspected of COVID-19 are hospitalized in the hospital in Bitola.

57 patients are hospitalized in the hospital in Stip. There are 47 patients in the Infectious Diseases Department in Tetovo, 64 patients in Veles and 119 patients in Kumanovo who are positive and suspicious of COVID-19. 110 patients have been hospitalized in the COVID Center in Ohrid, 115 in Prilep, 59 in the COVID Center in Gostivar, and 29 patientsin Struga.

There are 81 patients in the hospital in Strumica, 18 in Kochani, 20 in Kichevo, 39 in Kavadarci, and 13 in Gevgelija, positive for the coronavirus. Note that the numbers change with each passing hour, according to the admissions and discharges of patients.

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