Spasovski versus Zaev: Macedonian partisans liberated Kumanovo, not Bulgarians


Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski, asked on Friday to comment on the controversial statements of the Prime Minister and his party leader Zoran Zaev to the Bulgarian news agency BGNES, said that his hometown of Kumanovo had been liberated by Macedonian partisans.

“My hometown Kumanovo was also liberated from the Macedonian partisans on November 11 by the fighters against fascism, and Macedonia was liberated by the fighters of the People’s Liberation Struggle against fascism. Kumanovo has nurtured an ideology for many years, which means a struggle for development, democracy and a brighter future,” said Spasovski.

“It’s important to reiterate some indisputable facts such as that the Macedonian people gained sovereignty in post-war Yugoslavia, that the Macedonian language and identity were confirmed at the Anti-fascist Assembly for the National Liberation of Macedonia and that our statehood is based on anti-fascism. Macedonian fighters during the National Liberation War established the country of the Macedonian people and affirmed the Macedonian identity,” Minister Spasovski said at a press conference in regard to his position on PM Zoran Zaev’s recent interview with Bulgarian news agency BGNES.

Former Zaev SDSM official and MP Sofija Kunovska believes that Zaev and his closest associates should leave the party immediately and from the position of Prime Minister.

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