Filipche confirms there is no unified approach in line for treatment for specific COVID-19 patients


Health Minister Venko Filipce confirmed at the press conference on Friday that in Macedonia there is no unified approach in line for treatment in a specific or individual case of COVID-19.

Many doctors and experts in Macedonia have long suggested that the country may be pursuing the wrong treatment strategy, and that this is a likely cause of high mortality.

Microbiologist Panovski believes that the high mortality is due to home treatment that begins with huge doses of antibiotics that cause problems in the general health of patients who soon end up in hospital, but according to Filipche, doctors are coordinated and act according to the clinical picture.

“There is currently no specific therapy for COVID-19 anywhere in the world. There is no specific drug that has been confirmed against coronavirus yet. Nearly 30 studies are being conducted worldwide to assess the efficacy of favipiravir to treat COVID-19 patients. There is currently certain evidence that remdesivir drug shortens the hospital stay, but does not improve survival. In this regard, the entire therapy is prescribed and the family doctors have instructions according to the condition, the examinations, and if necessary, the patients are sent to the hospitals,” Filipche told Friday’s press conference.

The type of treatment depends on the practically daily analyzes that change very often and every following day, so depending on that, the therapy and the doses and the type of drugs change. In that respect, the doctors are absolutely coordinated, Filipche added.


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