Mizrahi: By rewriting history, Zaev insulted the Jewish community for political purposes


Rewriting history to make it fit your daily political agenda can’t be part of any treaty. I ask Zaev, is he aware how insulted my community is by this treaty, said VMRO-DPMNE Member of Parliament Rashela Mizrahi in an interview on the “Jadi Burek” TV show.

As Mizrahi pointed out, attempts to unmask Jewish issues are clearly visible at the moment. She assessed that escaping from historical facts is inadmissible, as well as denying the Holocaust. She also pointed out that the Jewish lobby would not allow any kind of denial of the Holocaust.

“Macedonia is dependent in its existence on history, and no future is built without history, so on two occasions this government tries to create a future by forgetting history, it is good to have good neighborly agreements, but where is the “good neighbor”? I do not remember that we as a country had controversial situations and we were a bad neighbor, these agreements are not good neighborly agreements at all,” said Mizrahi.

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