The silence over the Sofia secret meetings is proof that Zaev is negotiating history


Zaev is silent and does not say what is being negotiated at the secret talks in Sofia this weekend. In our opinion, Zaev wanted to accept a retouched history, giving up the language and the Macedonian minority. That means that Zaev is ready for a new betrayal, accuses opposition VMRO-DPMNE in a statement.

“The silence of the outgoing Prime Minister Zaev, but also of Dimitrov, Osmani, Shekerinska, and the entire government and the entire SDSM, loudly speaks that this government is negotiating the identity, linguistic and national identity, history and anti-fascist pillars of Macedonian statehood. The government in a smuggling way wants to instill a new way to destroy our national interests in the already harmful 2017 Treaty.The outgoing Prime Minister ZoranZaev hinted at all this in the scandalous interview, and now with the silence and all that is confirmed. No one has given Zaev the right to trade with the people, language and history, because they belong to all past, present and future generations of Macedonians and other citizens of Macedonia,” read the opposition’s statement.

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