Mayor from the ranks of SDSM accuses government’s special envoy to Sofia of “high treason”


In between lines, Buchkovski claims that the Macedonians and the Bulgarians are one nation divided in two countries and calls on the historians to abandon the positions promoted during the former state of Yugoslavia (the NOB partisan struggle and the AVNOJ and ASNOM anti-fascist assemblies). That is high treason, wrote on Facebook Kumanovo Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski from the ranks of SDSM.

“The attempts to accept Bulgaria’s position that the Macedonian people exists only since 1944 just affirms the claims that we are an artificial creation. It runs counter to the Macedonian national interests. We hear these claims coming from Buchkovski, a former Prime Minister who was expelled from SDSM, a man who replaced ideology with clientelism and intrigues. As a long time active social-democrat member I publicly denounce these positions which can’t be supporter by our party members or the public,” Dimitrievski said.

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