Bulgarian intellectuals: Bulgaria demands the other negotiating party to commit political suicide


Bulgaria should stop attaching undue weight to history, immediately unblock the start of EU negotiations with Macedonia, and implement the Friendship Treaty by working toward a warmer climate of cooperation, Bulgarian intellectuals write in an open letter to Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, but also addressed to Bulgaria’s Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zakharieva, Ambassadors of EU Members State to Bulgaria, and the EU Delegation in Bulgaria,

According to them, it is unacceptable to challenge the Macedonian nation and language. It is inappropriate, they say, to expect one side in the negotiations to commit political suicide.

“It is inappropriate to expect that, under whatever kind of negotiation process, any governing team would burden itself with the suicidal action of making a political decision regarding the self-identification of its citizens and ruling that, from a certain point, the entire population has changed its belonging to a certain ethnic group,” reads the letter.

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