Government knowingly devalued the price of tobacco, says Tripunovski


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev with the amendments to the Law on Tobacco, which allowed the import of tobacco, contributed to the price of domestic production dropping below the level in 2006, and because of him a kilogram of tobacco is sold at a price as high as a box of cigarettes, Thousands of tobacco farmers are underestimated, and the existence of their families is in question, said at today’s press conference Cvetan Tripunovski from the ranks of opposition VMRO-DPMNE.

“I have been warning for a year that this will happen, but the government, even though it knew the consequences, did not move a finger, from this I draw only one conclusion that the government knowingly devalued the price of tobacco. So I ask who should profit from the suffering of tobacco farmers, who will earn from their labor and sweat?! A kilogram of tobacco is purchased for 150 denars. This is not even enough to cover the basic costs for tobacco farmers, let alone to earn something. From the beginning until now, tobacco is priced one to two classes lower. Tobacco farmers are humiliated, and their labor is underestimated. That is why I call for government intervention, to immediately sit down with the buyers, and to provide normal and fair prices,” Tripunovski said.

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