Skopje- Kyiv flights on Thursdays and Sundays


At the launch of Ukrainian airline Windrose’s twice-a-week service between Skopje and Kyiv — aimed at promoting trade, tourism and business between the two countries — the air carrier’s first plane landed at the Skopje International airport Sunday.

Windrose will fly from Kyiv to Skopje twice a week, on Sundays and Thursdays, with the same take-off and landing time (departure from Kiev 9:50 am – arrival in Skopje 12 pm; departure from Skopje 12:50 pm – arrival in Kiev 15:10).

According to Windrose announcements, flights from Kyiv to Skopje will operate throughout the winter season, as well as during the summer season in 2021, which begins in late March.

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