Borissov-Buchkovski meeting: Solutions can be found at the negotiating table


I have always believed solutions can be found at the negotiating table. Present and future generations will not forgive Bulgaria or the Republic of North Macedonia if they failed to reach a compromise that would introduce a perspective, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said Thursday in Sofia at a meeting with Vlado Buchkovski, the government’s special representative for Bulgaria.

Borissov said that ‘a pragmatic, sincere and well-intentioned approach, expressed in concrete activities’ is required to find a sustainable and permanent solution to ‘the remaining open issues in the bilateral relations,’ the Bulgarian government said in a press release.

Restoring of mutual trust requires complete fulfillment of all obligations stemming from the 2017 Friendship Treaty, according to him.

“Bulgaria has always respected the Euro-Atlantic values, which is why we have put the Western Balkans’ European perspective on the top of the agenda while holding the Council of the EU presidency,” Borissov said.

Bulgaria, the PM noted, has made utmost efforts to support the countries in the Western Balkans to join NATO and the EU and in this regard, the Agreement on Friendship, Good Neighborly Ties and Cooperation was signed as a result of the Bulgarian support of the European future of the Republic of North Macedonia.

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