Nearly 66,000 Macedonians have received Bulgarian passports in 10 years


Nearly 66,000 Macedonians have acquired Bulgarian citizenship in ten years. In almost all cases, the reason for this is evidence of Bulgarian origin. This became clear from the response of Minister of Justice Desislava Ahladova during a parliamentary session.

Between January 1, 2010 and October 22, 2020, 77,829 Macedonian citizens applied for Bulgarian citizenship, of which 77,726 were of Bulgarian origin. In the same period, by presidential decree, 65,675 Macedonians received Bulgarian citizenship.

The question in the parliament was asked by Hristo Gadzhev from the ranks of GERB, and his comment was that while the Macedonians want Bulgarian citizenship, which makes them citizens of the European Union, an inadmissible policy is pursued in Northern Macedonia and proposals are made against Bulgaria.

“In the last 10 years, our country issued the most passports to the residents of our neighbor in 2010 – 11,724 copies, and the least were issued in 2013 – 2171 copies,” said Ahladova.

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