Opposition demands the withdrawal of the bill on control of narcotics


MP Nikola Micevski, in his address to the Parliament Wednesday pointed out that SDSM was the party that said that the number of fast-track procedures would be reduced to a minimum, yet there was no session without at least half points in the fast-track procedure.

The MP from the opposition VMRO-DPMNE clarified that the request was submitted because the ruling coalition did not comply with the regulations, the proposals to be first reviewed by the competent parliamentary committees before being put on the agenda before the MPs.

“If they really want and prefer not to violate the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament and the procedure for its adoption, I will ask the MPs from the ruling majority to remove these items from today’s agenda for this session because you continue the violent behavior with the Rules of Procedure and setting the laws of the session itself.I don’t want to comment on the fast-track procedures, I don’t want to comment that the decision for this session was submitted to us by December 11, today is December 16, according to Articles 68 and 69 paragraph 1 or 2 at least 10 days we should have the decision for the session and amend it. At least what I mentioned to you in Article 140 paragraph 1 that these 4 laws should pass the procedure, i.e. be reviewed in the regular first reading of the main commissions of the legislative legal commission to come to the session again,” Micevski added.

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