Population census to begin on April 1 2021


MPs also endorsed by 61 “Yes” votes the draft-Law on Census of Population, Households and Apartments in Republic of North Macedonia in the first reading.

The opposition MPs did not attend and did not vote on the census draft-law.

The Census is scheduled to be launched on 1 April 2021, implemented by the State Statistical Office, with final data expected after six months. The operation will be administered through a combined method, including e-questionnaires at laptops and communication with databases from which data is to be extracted and complemented with that collected from the field.

According to the law, citizens living abroad can have people close to them give their data to the census workers and will be counted in the census.

Deputy Interior Minister AgimNuhiu called for lawmakers’ support for the law during a plenary session on Monday, arguing that “all possibilities for manipulation have been removed.”

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