Czech Republic and Slovakia raise objection to EU enlargement conclusions, EU too lenient towards Bulgaria


After yesterday’s approval of the EU enlargement conclusions, the Czech Republic and Slovakia on Thursday called the text unsatisfactory, reports MIA’s Brussels correspondent. The inclusion of the term ‘misinterpretation of history’ and the long name of North Macedonia in the enlargement conclusions was criticized in the country, which is being also reflected in several EU countries, according to several diplomatic sources in Brussels.

The German presidency was hoping that these conclusions were going to be adopted officially by the Council today. MIA has learned that at least two countries have voiced objection because they believe that the EU has been too lenient towards Bulgaria’s demands.

Although a majority of diplomats in Brussels were confident that the conclusions would be adopted in the next two days, Bratislava and Prague have raised objections hindering the adoption of the conclusions. MIA has learned that Slovakia has been asking for more time before approving, whereas the Czech Republic has proposed that the conclusions shouldn’t be adopted.

At this point, it is unclear what are the options of the member countries as regards the conclusions. The German presidency has until December 31 to find a solution.

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