Zaev: Ten giant companies submit bids for Cebren project


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said on Saturday that ten giant companies have submitted applications at the tender notice for construction of a hydropower plant on Crna River, HPP Cebren, project worth between EUR 600-800 million.

Zaev also said that the second phase for realization of Cebren project is to resume after deadline for submitting bids ended Friday.

“The deadline for submitting bids for the huge project Cebren ended Friday. Previous government have failed through a series of tenders to secure an investor for 11 years. Ten giant companies have submitted project documentation for Cebren including Spanish power company, the French power company, the Greek power company, EVN together with an Austrian company, a Turkish company, a Chinese company … Now the next phase for the project worth between EUR 600 and 800 million continues, which shows the serious intention for success of this project,” Zaev said during his visit to Bitola.

During the press conference he spoke about ongoing and planned investments in the country.

He said that there were 35 foreign investments over the past three years and in 2018 we surpassed the record in foreign investments with EUR 625 million net inflows of foreign exchange.

“During the year of coronavirus crisis, we have more than 12 direct investments that are in the phase of realizing, negotiating or signing,” he said, adding that investments in energy move the Macedonian economy, and as being NATO member state means stable and secure investments in the coming period.

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