We have been Macedonians before 1944 and we’ll be Macedonians, Zaev responds to Karakachanov


Macedonians on Dec. 31, 1943 didn’t go to bed as Bulgarians only to wake up as Macedonians the next morning, on Jan. 1, 1944. They have been Macedonians, feeling as Macedonians for centuries until today. This is our direct response, PM Zoran Zaev said Monday when asked to comment the latest statement by Bulgarian Defense Minister Krasimir Karakachanov.

“In the spirit of friendship, we continue carefully with our narrative, but we react directly if something has been hurtful. We are Macedonians, we have been Macedonians and we’ll be Macedonians. I call on our friend Bulgaria, especially the public figures and my friend Krasimir Karakachanov – no matter how attractive it may sound in Bulgaria, here it is hurtful,” Zaev said.

Our right to self-determination is our sovereign right, he stressed, and that Bulgaria was the first country in the world and the first neighbor that had recognized our sovereignty. As Europeans, they should respect our right to identity – we are Macedonians speaking Macedonian language.

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