Cuculovski: What the government wants to do with the subject of history offends itself


Prof. Dr. Ljubomir Cuculovski in his guest appearance on the “Shto ne e jasno” TV show talked about education reforms, specifically the subject of history and pointed out that with this move the authorities are insulting themselves thinking that they will deceive the citizens. He pointed out that the citizens know very well what is happening with this move.

“I think that etymologically the word education seems to have the word “cheek” (dignity) in it, so that through education certain cheeks are created and in the sense that this is not accidental. About the history, although it seems to me that there is no need to comment because things are clear in themselves, still one cannot talk about them. I am not at all interested in whether this model exists in other countries and other schools. I am not touched or interested in the effect of this way of education.I think that with this move the authorities insult themselves first believing that they will deceive the citizens, so they do not have self-awareness of the consciousness of the people. The people know exactly what is happening. They think that they will insult the people or inflict some evil on them, in fact they are underestimating themselves,” Cuculovski said.


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