The state is damaged by the case of the former Secretary General of the Government, determines Anti-Corruption


“The case with Rashkovski is not over, it is a very large case. So the procurement is very extensive, a lot of material is subject to analysis. This case started a lot before the beginning of the coronavirus, interviews were conducted with the responsible persons, etc.However, we stopped here, we stopped at the moment when we had to talk to a person from that public company, who was on sick leave and was not able to answer our questions. There are still some people who were from the management structure, that means in that part”, explained Biljana Ivanovska, president of the SCPC during her interview with the “24 Analiza” TV show.

Ivanovska added that she keepsthe SCPC in shape for this case is that the initial agreement with Leonardo and the one concluded after a certain period of about a year is identical. Why did they wait? And that period also costs money.

“Interest is paid for each day spent, the state is damaged by the agreement. That is why the case is very extensive and we have, as far as I know, the Public Prosecutor closed the problem with DragiRashkovski to some extent, but we are still in the codification”, added Ivanovska.

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