Zaev’s government lied to the young citizens, there is no financial help for them


Young people aged 16 to 29, who according to government announcements are included in the fourth package for financial support of vulnerable categories of citizens, still seem to have been manipulated, or are part of populist rhetoric without achieving the final effect.

There are many reactions from citizens in the past few days, precisely for this category, who, although meeting the required criteria, were not on the list for state financial assistance of 6,000 denars.

On the government “I buy domestic products” website, the citizens who are covered by this measure, by entering a social security number can personally check if they are on the list and through which bank the money transaction will be made.

Although the payment has already started, there are many ambiguities, and the part for submission of electronic complaints was disabled within the stipulated deadline due to some system error?!

Many of the unjustly rejected citizens who meet the requirements for this state financial aid, after not being on the list, asked for information from the PRO, and from there they answered that because they were beneficiaries of the previous package of government measures and already received a home payment card, this measure does not help them.

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