Alliance for Albanians: Why does Macedonia not support EU sanctions against Russia?


The Alliance for Albanians and Alternativa coalition has expressed concern that Macedonia has not backed EU sanctions on Russia.

“We are extremely concerned about the inconsistency of the foreign policy of the Republic of North Macedonia with that of the EU, especially regarding the European sanctions against Russia over the Russian aggression in Ukraine,” said Secretary General of the Alliance for Albanians Arben Taravari at a press conference.

He reminded that in March 2014, the EU imposed restrictive measures against Russia, including diplomatic measures, freezing of funds, travel bans, as well as economic sanctions.

“Since Zoran Zaev became Prime Minister of North Macedonia, the EU Council has made 21 decisions to extend and extend sanctions against Russia. The Government of North Macedonia is never on the side of these decisions. So the governments of Zaev 1 and Zaev 2 have rejected sanctions against Russia21 times,” Taravari said.

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